getting geared up for my trip!
hotelfie (at Hotel Monteleone)

People ask me a ton of questions about performing in the subway. It’s something New Yorkers see every day, yet there are surprisingly few resources on the topic. So after quitting my day job yesterday, I started a blog to chronicle my life as a full-time subway musician. Check it out! It’s only the first week of my journey, and I’ve already had a ton of interesting experiences that I’m planning on writing about. 

here’s a video of me performing a song i wrote called “another”

the last brucennial at @bhqf
i love this place
q&a after “outside mullingar” on broadway. lovely performance by @therealdebramessing (at Samuel J. Friedman Theatre)
making progress
opening @ zachfeuer gallery
opening @ zachfeuer gallery

quick cover of a classic simon & garfunkel song

this song goes out to everyone who’s single & hopeless on valentine’s day!