meet my dog

those ears
my first oil painting!
he sleeps all day
at the beach
botanical garden
me and my new best friend (at Guilford, Connecticut)
at a match with my dad and sister @jozschiavone
hospitalized 3 hours before my flight to brazil. fortunately i still made it in time! (at Norwalk Hospital Emergency Room)
This is my new dog. At only 4 months old, he was picked up by a high-kill shelter in Georgia. Fortunately, a great group rescued him and he’s been living in a foster home for the past month.
I got to meet him last week and we had such an amazing connection, I committed to adopting him only a minute into our walk. He’s coming home on July 1st and I can hardly wait!
just signed the adoption papers!
margot escapes (at 7th Ward of New Orleans)
a new friend initiated a friendly fireworks fight with me. i hit him in the face so he retaliated by hitting me in the back of the head. it turns out that hair is flammable. now i have a little bald spot. (at The Upper 9th Ward)